Paintings as a place on which play, share and negotiate ideas but also personal and group feelings and sensations.
Action Painting - team building
A space to seed new reworks of ourselves, of our uniqueness, and of our perspectives.

You will imagine and realize, together with your team, a poster that represents how you feel Company values and your perception of “present and future”.

We will inspire processes that regulate creativity and your beliefs of working as a part of a group to unveil the treasure of diversity to gain a goal… each one by his hands!

Colours, creativity and innovative ideas will lead the “actors” of this activity to paint true pieces of arts!



– Build with your team the Company Bike –

Maybe it happened to you of reading proposals of bike excursions as a team building practice.

TEAMBUILDING EXPERIENCE goes beyond the simplest “bike excursion” as a team building, so we planned events in which each team has to deserve its own bike. How? Basic… by building the bike itself!

Bike Experience is much more that a team battle. It’s sharing, passion, endeavour, planning, excitement… an activity that allows to breath what bikes world really is. Each team, equipped with the appropriate tools, will work in a set that recalls a bike artisan lab.
A new innovative activity, that allows to come into contact with a world still poorly known and to receive, as a gift, a professional and fashion bike for all the winners; or to donate it for charity (social team building).



Pasta Building - team building

Have you ever think about pasta to create “pieces of arts”?

Pasta Building aims to involve participants in activities that show how each element in fundamental in the master plan.

The individual spaghetto contributes to build a tower, a bridge or a house thanks to its connections with others spaghetti. In metaphor all we are needed for the success of the group (and so the Company) that is based in the effort of individuals.

Another analogy, which can be expected in to Company life, is the fragility linked to spaghetti backbone that can well represent the weakness of the market. How can we face this?

With that “glue” known as group creativity that strengthens our framework (Company) as well as our pasta building.



– Creative Team Engineering

Meccano Building - team building

MECCANO is the name of a construction toy to create scale models, made of metal bars, screws nuts and bolts used to create functional scale models, mechanical devices or buildings.

This clever team building is reinforced by the analogy of the scale model as a representation of a professional career, and each screw and nut as an analogy of the Individual living in the world of work.

Planned to improve creativity, in a playful and unstructured context, it helps creating long lasting associations of ideas that will be recalled in everyday working environment.

MECCANO BUILDING enhances team communication and group identity, spreads relationships, develop leadership, problem solving, negotiation and planning abilities embracing by this way all the aspects related to business behaviours.



– Building a new experience

Lego enterprise - team buildingWho has ever played with the world most famous plastic bricks?

Play LEGO brings us back in our childhood. This game has always been a central “key” to realize team building for Companies.

PLAY LEGO allows to all participants undergoing a creative activity, involving them in a high communicative and high efficient context and makes them face their job with an increased confidence, responsibility and intuition.

Playing with coloured bricks as an analogy of the building of your team, organization, available resources analysis, project selection and its running changes… just as in your Company!



Wood Factory - team buildingWood is a fundamental element for humanity since the beginning.

It gave birth to fire, indispensable to cook wild game; it permitted to build houses, secure shelters where sleep. Wood consented to build rafts first, boats then and in the end vessels, to fish or to cut trough oceans in the search of new worlds and new dreams.

With Wood Factory you can re-discover the pleasure to model wood, one of the raw materials most used by human beings. You can enjoy the beauty in giving a shape, an identity, a soul to a piece of wood!… that, in the end, is yours and your team one.

As maestro Geppetto did giving  birth to Pinocchio, you can touch with your hands the energy emitted by wood creating objects that represent an important meaning. Wood factory let you discover, together with your team, a new form of communication, of soul expression of your group and your Company.



Sand Animation - team building

– The magic of sand by Silvia Emme –

Sand Animation is a team building activity that allows group expression and to communicate as never done before. Throughout a sand picture we can speak about us, our Company or of specific topics faced during conventions, etc…

Express yourself and your team (the Company) by modelling a simple matter as sand. Give new shapes to what you are in the present to imagine what you would be in the future.

We offer this, and more, by testing the magic art of sand helped by Silvia Emme, an Italian sand artist famous around the world.



– The positive aspect of working in a team –

Domino Effect - team buildingDomino Effect is an activity rich in team building contents. It permits the group to live the importance and the bounds between every distinct employee, and to understand how much the success of the Company relies on the success of every single Individual.

Domino effect is reached only if every individual tile is placed in a specific and precise position. A wrong move, the levity of the one, and the effect can be dramatic! It’s important that every single team member is focused on the final goal.

Coordination, listen, leadership, and tolerance… these are just few of the values that will flow from this activity, which demands persevering in order to make the group succeed!

Domino Effect is a beautiful analogy to speak about what happens in business and teams, were both good and bad attitudes can have domino effects: it’s on you to create a positive one!



Furoshiki Experience - team building

– Team building “for ladies” by Barbara Perrone  –

Our aim is to let your guest live emotional and educational experiences, which can integrate with their business, helped by Barbara Perrone, expert in paper designing and gift wrapping.

Furoshiki is the ancient Japanese art to decorate and knot clothes. During this activity you can live an artistic experience that joins fashion.

Thanks to this tech one can create bags or furniture, apparels and stylish gift packs.

This activity makes ponder how to overtake your limits, “transforming” them in opportunities by creativity, research being eco-friendly.



Fruit Art - team buildingFruit Art è is a novel team building activity that improves each one’s creativity and fantasy, by shaping fruit and vegetables.

The ability to model different elements based on tastes, colours shapes to create new solutions it’s fundamental.

The diversity is a treasure, particularly in this epoch, were the ability to adapt to market founds on the uniqueness of the team when dissimilar elements, ideas and resources make it.

The transformation of new elements, combined in unique ways, will give birth to novel masterpieces.



Eating The City - team building

The recipe is made by the following elements: wafers, cookies, chocolate candies, sweets and fruit jellies.

Eating the City tries to answer question as: how to re-connect the city to countryside? How to educate about farming?  How to educate about culinary traditions and culture? Starting from the basis, by urban farming, trying to locally produce food just before the city.

Urban vegetable gardens are a growing reality, everyday more and more residents work their little lands, these people feed the city from the city itself.

The eating City projects rely on this new horizon, helping and making residents aware about this reality.



– Team creative architecture realized on “tip finger –

Finger Food Factory is our novel team building activity of the cooking section. The Finger Food phrase was born about ten years ago, and reflects a modern way to cook and to exhibit food. It’s a little culinary idea that one can eat by simply using fingers, or thanks to appropriate tools, preferably one shot.

Finger Food Factory - team buildingEach participant is an available “ingredient”, with his own characteristics, either positives or negatives, with his own colour and emotions, with is distinguishing marks, with his own expertise. Only by mixing all these features you can produce almost infinite new creations.

Finger Food factory represent the art and the creative architecture that we bring in team building. It represents the style, the essence of the detail, the research, the experimentation and the will to stand out.

As the tablemate eating a finger food tastes culinary emotions, by the same way our customer re-experience the “five senses feeling” given by our product.



– Shake your passion! –

Who has never seen Tom Cruise in “Cocktail”? If you share the passion for bartender world and the art to compose cocktails, Bar Challenge activity is the perfect team building to get closer together with your colleagues.

Bar Challenge - team building

To find the correct mix of different tasted and coloured elements to realize new qualitative solutions is fundamental.. 

Each participant is an available “ingredient”, with his own characteristics, either positives or negatives, with his own colour and emotions, with is distinguishing marks, with his own expertise.

Only by mixing all these features you can produce almost infinite new creations.

A funny experience well representing team working based on different analogies as, for example, approaching customer, teamwork and motivation.



Art Attack - team buildingArt Attack, not only holds the classic artistic zero impact approaches, but is also characterized by the transformation of raw material in design objects or pieces of art, in furniture or everyday-life tools.

We will create an art lab for you, were the participants as ancient alchemists, model the useless in a precious object.



Magic Art - team building– Magic Workshop by vistoSvito  –

Magic Art let you access the idea behind a hocus-pocus and learn how to use your body language to support your professional, personal or… magical speeches.

Illusionism techniques catch spectators’ attention; make them wonder and push their curiosity to help understanding problems that, often, are only in our minds.

This approach offers the tools to read problems from different, out of the ordinary, perspectives.