EXP Events

A division specialized in teambuilding planning and realization for events, conventions and high quality, value- contents- and results-enriched incentives, realized in exciting and enchanting spectacular milieus.

Its interventions are based on experiences-centred models were the Individual is the key actor, realizing engaging and emotional teambuilding events studied to favour the relation, cohesion, awareness and surge of group identity.




It is Essential to offer methods suitable to personal and business backgrounds, to participants’ traditions and know-how and, moreover, to raise in each one the feeling to be the lead in creating and building something unique as a part of a team.

The events as a celebration of building and development of team life, with the purpose to create and print lasting memories on which set the basis for the improvement of more efficient and incentivizing working relationships.


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EXP Events

Planning and realization of interventions for events, conventions, meetings, recreational and aggregative teambuilding, and dinners.

EXP Training

Planning organization and management of educational team building, outdoors training, individual and team assessment, education and coaching.

EXP Comedy

Planning organization and management of convention and teambuilding events with the best comedians of Italian TV shows.