– Let’s discover the “powers” of the team –

Cornelius, the man who created a new race of super heroes, has been killed in the secret liar. The question is: who betrayed him?
The New super heroes have very human powers, but these powers are highly advanced. Cornelius’ power was to make all women unfaithful. Some of them were in the cove the day Cornelius died:

Super Spriz: The world most quick bartender she has the superpower to never get drunk… unless she drinks limoncello, her kryptonite.
Anonimus: his super power is to be forgotten by everybody, he can go unnoticed
Big Chef: he can cook such rich plates to “kill”. Whit his meatballs you can destroy walls
Prolissus: (Cornelius’ right-hand man) has the power, with his chat, to blow your head. His wit is as harsh as a blade
The incredible Housewife: has the power to clean up everything by just a simple wet little sponge. Very versatile for whatever job.

The betrayer nuzzles among these humanity guardians. It’s on you to solve the mysteries hidden in the liar and behind the super powers that carried to Cornelius’ assassination. Are you ready to be the real super heroes for a day?



– Nothing is as before. You are the only that could give back an happy ending to this story! –

Once upon a time, long, long time ago… This was how our childhood tales begun. What about those beloved fantastic characters?

Are we sure that they lived “happily every after”? We are not, the Sleeping Beauty, for example, due to the snoring of the knight will ever be asleep again? And would Snow Withe had to adopt the 7 dwarfs? Let’s draw a veil over The Princess and the pea!

You will be answered if you enter the magic world of the characters of “Once upon a time…” and discover together who killed poor Grimm, accused of the woeful fate of fairy tales mains.

Nothing seems as before… only you could give back an happy ending to this fairy tale!



It’s a bloody night on the Wizard of Oz train.

There are to many enemies against the commander of a secret organization. Four killers are travelling on that train, they had to protect him, but one of them is a betrayer. Two gun shots, panic. Who killed the Wizard of Oz?

Everyone is a suspect, nobody is innocent and nobody can investigate. You are the only one beyond suspects, you are the only one who can find the killer.

A dinner in a pulp-milieu where you are the main detectives and spectators no more, the only ones who can unveil who the killer is. Let’s investigate, let’s press the suspected killers. You will live an exciting dinner among clues and twists.



L'ultima notte prima del nobel - cena con delittoA bachelor party before years of pains. There is a future Nobel Prize winner among guests, a party before years of glory, a happy night for everybody.

But just after the party ends, envy, hate, rancor gets over music, laughs and happiness. In a shady street the Professor meets his fate.

Dead overcomes the Nobel Prize winning possibility, the only thing left is an innovative device that’s everybody wish. This discovery not only carries great prizes, but also great prosperity.

Everyone wants the rights of that discovery; everyone has a hidden reason in their alibies. Now it’s your turn to resolve the most exciting, tangled and surprising mystery of the last years.

Four potential suspects… Who killed the Professor? Will You be the e ones to solve the mystery!?


– Soon it will be night, no one is safe anymore! –

One corpse, one killer and seven under suspicion, who killed Don Calogero Naiolo?

To exploit the richness of ideas arising from noir repertoire, and giving birth to a real mystery during a meeting in which, participants, are transformed in to the main players in a unique and unusual event; they turn in to Sherlock Holmes for one day.

Our Actors will interact unveiling a tangled plot that, we are sure, will engage and excite everyone. An entangling and engaging activity, in the pursuit of dynamicity, which will test intuition and sharp eyes of each detective.



– Beyond the universe –

Participants will be put in a fantastic role-playing game that take place between the present and the future.

An unpleasant episode has happened in the future: our host has been killed.

To avoid that this could happen our police commissioner wants to use a stargate to go back in the past to change the future… that past is our present. To make everything funnier he will bring all the suspects, and it’s on our guests to help unmasking the “spatial” killer.

Laughs, twists and plots will make the event special and unique.

What are you waiting for? Enter the stargate and become a “future” detective!



– Finally he’s back and he’s in great shape for our event –

This activity is inspired to the famous TV show and aims to mix comedy, mystery and sharp sarcasm to live a team building in the pursuit of fun and participation.

Dr. Crazy House, illegitimate brother of the famous TV medical doctor, will propose a delicate clinical case.

Participants will transform into “special agents” and unmask the impostor who wants to cheat the insurance company.

Will you be able to unveil the identity of the “fake patient” to end this resounding Italian fraud?



CSI is a unique format in which participants are totally involved and motivated to raise their interactions and group identity, by team sparks rich challenges, team building analogies, mystery, discoveries and fun.

Only a smart and focused team strategy could make you win.

This format recalls some virtues and principles of individual working, own resources, team strength, the advantages of a good planning, focusing of aims, roles, knowledge of own potentials, environment and everyday challenges to exit familiar situations and gain small and great successes for yourself, your team, your customers and your Company.

In the first part of the program physical challenges, bravery, shooting and problem solving test, to become investigators and unmask the felon, will train participants.



A timed test full of tricks and obstacles, a mission to accomplish and an old treasure to find, this are the ingredients of the most adventurous event of the year!

This project centres on exciting activities that require creativity, physical ability and genius.

Teams will battle in challenges using different tools: orientation techs by GPS or compass, ropes, obstacles, quad driving, rock climbing, problem solving and more…

Teams will be judged on the basis of their bravery, excitement, strategy and action.



Ninja’s agility, the sharpness of detectives, the precision of the snipers, the strength of the marines, the coldness of the special corps.

These are the features needed to success during training.

Survival Academy offers the opportunity to challenge yourself with exciting activities that require creativity physical ability and genius. Each team will succeed in a special mission given by the sever sergeant.

Teams will follow the training autonomously, once tests are completed all the teams will get together to succeed in the real mission.

Only by combining energies you can overtake the hardest challenges…



Leonardo Da Vinci is one of the greatest.

Behind his talents, however, has ever been an air of mystery. Many tried to decode the mystery of “The Last Supper”, among them Dan Brown is for sure the most known… but he was wrong!

It’s on you now to unveil what hidden behind this piece of art.

To do that you have to follow specific clues seeded among the streets of Milan, solve puzzles, problem solving, and  ask to strange enlighteneds.



Photo Challenge is an exciting and involving team building activity that joins the pleasure to visit new cities with fun and team consolidation.

The goal for participants, subdivided in groups, is to cover all the pre-set legs in historical, artistic and cultural places around the city.

The tool the objective of a camera (making available) the goal is to plan and study creative photo shoots by collaboration with the members of your team. This brainstorming will continue for the entire activity and will let you explore the pleasure and the treasure of ideas sharing. “To embrace the different and his ideas as an added value, as a resource, as a plus for a success team”.

This event has already been organized in main Italian cities such as Milan, Rome, Turin, Venice, and Florence or in smaller cities as for example Treviso (called little Venice), Assisi etc… It is possible to organize this activity in whatever city.



– City treasure hunt! –

Conquer The City is an innovative and funny activity that blends Urban Orienteering, Problem Solving and live Action Game: this three components are melded in an aggregative and exciting game that combines the pleasure of visiting a new city with group identity consolidation.

This activity can be also GPS-driven. This event has already been organized in main Italian cities such as Milan, Rome, Turin, Venice, and Florence or in smaller cities as for example Treviso (called little Venice), Assisi etc…

It is possible to organize this activity in whatever city.