– Who killed “Don Calogero Naiolo”?  –

A capturing dinner where everybody can participate in an active or more soft way to resolve the mystery.

To exploit the richness of ideas arising from noir repertoire, and giving birth to a real mystery during a meeting in which, participants, are transformed in to the main players in a unique and unusual event; they turn in to Sherlock Holmes for one day.

Our Actors will interact unveiling a tangled plot that, we are sure, will engage and excite everyone. An entangling and engaging activity, in the pursuit of dynamicity, which will test intuition and sharp eyes of each detective.



– Let’s discover the “powers” of the team –

Cornelius, the man who created a new race of super heroes, has been killed in the secret liar. The question is: who betrayed him?
The New super heroes have very human powers, but these powers are highly advanced. Cornelius’ power was to make all women unfaithful. Some of them were in the cove the day Cornelius died:

Super Spriz: The world most quick bartender, she has the superpower to never get drunk… unless she drinks limoncello, her kryptonite.
Anonimous: his super power is to be forgotten by everybody, he can go unnoticed.
Big Chef: he can cook such rich plates to “kill”. Whit his meatballs you can destroy walls.
Prolissus: (Cornelius’ right-hand man) has the power, with his chat, to blow your head. His wit is as harsh as a blade.
The incredible Housewife: has the power to clean up everything by just a simple wet little sponge. Very versatile for whatever job.

The betrayer nuzzles among these humanity guardians. It’s on you to solve the mysteries hidden in the liar and behind the super powers that carried to Cornelius’ assassination.

Are you ready to be the real super heroes for a day?



– Nothing is as before. You are the only that could give back an happy ending to this story! –

Once upon a time, long, long time ago… This was how our childhood tales begun. What about those beloved fantastic characters?

Are we sure that they lived “happily every after”? We are not, the Sleeping Beauty, for example, due to the snoring of the knight will ever be asleep again? And would Snow Withe had to adopt the 7 dwarfs? Let’s draw a veil over The Princess and the pea!

You will be answered if you enter the magic world of the characters of “Once upon a time…” and discover together who killed poor Grimm, accused of the woeful fate of fairy tales mains.

Nothing seems as before… only you could give back an happy ending to this fairy tale!


“CHI HA UCCISO IL MAGO DI OZ?”  (cena con delitto)

È una notte di sangue quella che accompagna il treno su cui sta viaggiando il Mago di Oz.

Troppi nemici per il capo di un’organizzazione segreta. Sul suo vagone viaggiano 4 killer, dovrebbero coprirgli le spalle ma uno di loro è un traditore. Due colpi di pistola ed è il panico. Chi è stato a uccidere il Mago di Oz?

Tutti sospettano di tutti, nessuno è innocente, nessuno di loro può investigare. Solo voi siete sopra le parti, solo voi potete trovare il colpevole.

Il tutto condito in salsa-pulp, per una cena in cui non sarete spettatori ma detective protagonisti … gli unici a poter scoprire il traditore. Investigate, interrogate e mettete sotto torchio i killer sospettati. Tra indizi e colpi di scena vivrete una cena emozionante e intrigante.


L'ultima notte prima del nobel - cena con delittoA bachelor party before years of pains. There is a future Nobel Prize winner among guests, a party before years of glory, a happy night for everybody.

But just after the party ends, envy, hate, rancor gets over music, laughs and happiness. In a shady street the Professor meets his fate.

Dead overcomes the Nobel Prize winning possibility, the only thing left is an innovative device that’s everybody wish. This discovery not only carries great prizes, but also great prosperity.

Everyone wants the rights of that discovery; everyone has a hidden reason in their alibies. Now it’s your turn to resolve the most exciting, tangled and surprising mystery of the last years.

Four potential suspects… Who killed the Professor? Will You be the e ones to solve the mystery!?



– Finally he’s back and he’s in great shape for our event –

This activity is inspired to the famous TV show and aims to mix comedy, mystery and sharp sarcasm to live a team building in the pursuit of fun and participation.

Dr. Crazy House, illegitimate brother of the famous TV medical doctor, will propose a delicate clinical case.

Participants will transform into “special agents” and unmask the impostor who wants to cheat the insurance company.

Will you be able to unveil the identity of the “fake patient” to end this resounding Italian fraud?




Leonardo Da Vinci is one of the greatest.

Behind his talents, however, has ever been an air of mystery. Many tried to decode the mystery of “The Last Supper”, among them Dan Brown is for sure the most known… but he was wrong!

It’s on you now to unveil what hidden behind this piece of art.

To do that you have to follow specific clues seeded among the streets of Milan, solve puzzles, problem solving, and  ask to strange enlighteneds.



– Il suono del team –

I boomwhackers sono tubi di plastica colorati con differenti misure e note musicali. Quando li colpisci fanno “BOOM”!
Sono l’ideale per creare in breve tempo spirito di gruppo tramite una sinfonia melodica in congressi, meeting e cene aziendali.

La magia del ritmo e del suono passa attraverso qualsiasi barriera di età, sesso, religione, ideale, provenienza e cultura. Il risultato è che si dissolvono le apparenti separazioni e ci ritroviamo a sorriderci, ridere e creare musica coinvolgente assieme. Suonando insieme si crea spontaneamente un’atmosfera emozionante, ideale per avvicinarsi gli uni con gli altri con gioia e semplicità, favorendo così l’ascolto e la comunicazione reciproca.

Ritmo, voce e body percussion per 10-30 minuti per rivitalizzare e dinamizzare l’ambiente in maniera divertente!



– Murder party on “taste rails” –

This is not the usual dinner.

To have a supper sitting on a tram that crosses the city of Milan makes everything more involving.

The air is full of mystery and magic, but suddenly the tram stops and opens the doors to a detective.

Now the tram can leave again and investigations begin.

A murder to solve, suspects that appears in different places of the city, a sequence of twists and dishes.



– “Quick click” challenge –

Genius is a format that actively involves our guests for a dinner, after-dinner, meetings or conventions. This format takes the cue from the same name TV quiz show presented by Mike Bongiorno. As that quiz was a display of skills for kids, so we ask our audience to come back in childhood for an hour, playing without filters and preconceptions. 

Two playing modalities are available “everyone against everyone” and “team challenge”, a controller is made available by Genius, to electronically answer questions given by the tenant. Once the multi-choice question is given, you will have less than 10 second to “click” the correct answer.

The software selects only correct questions and assigns scores on the bases on answers timing; the quicker you are the higher the score. Running standings are visible during the quiz, questions could be about general culture (filmmaking, history, traditions, logic and mathematics, gossip etc) and/or related to Company world.



Crazy Waiters is born to make dinners or happy hours funnier and unique, where the rallying cry is to astonish. The aim is to offer quick, flexible and adaptable to different places evening schedule.

Perfectly hidden among colleagues, crazy waiters start to serve dishes but in a little why guests will realize that this, apparently ordinary guys, are a bit strange with their gaffes and bizarre behaviours. An escalation of sketches that will bring you to a final surprise.  A grotesque and unreal animation, a sort of candid camera that secretly involves all dining companions, in a surge of complicity and surprise.



Mysteries dinner is a different way to fill the silences during gala dinners, “bringing light” and make participants have fun.

Starting from involving, bizarre, exciting mysteries participants will be put in the shoes of detectives.  The tales, presented by chief of police Bernasconi and his special agents are full of mystery, grotesque, macabre, enigmatic and they’re waiting for you to be solved.

They’re based on real facts, these mysteries will be presented during your dinners, brunches or whenever you want. Participants will be divided into investigation groups, which will interact by questions and their hypothesis to solve proposed mysteries.

Mysteries dinner will make you enjoy the moment and get involved; not only one tale but many “real” mysteries that you have to solve. A dinner you die laughing!



– Micromagia by vitoSvito –

Every place, every moment where friends, relatives and clients meet is the right occasion to entertain with grace, magic and surprise. Standing, sitting at dinner tables, on the stage, every place is the right one to have fun and interact with our colleagues thanks to our partner vitoSvito, the illusionist with super powers!

Micro magic at you table… “aim to the moon, even if you’ll miss it, you’ll be among the stars”.

This is the perfect entertainment to touch audience in a few steps and often by participants themselves. A suitable modality for conventions, cocktail parties, private parties and special events to aggregate, to have fun and astonish!

“Do crazy things and do whit passion!”



Think up to animate and make a moment, as a dinner or a happy hour, unique. Rallying cry is to have fun and astonish.

You can select your dish from a “theatrical menu” is offered by a mâitre. The menu contains the titles of proposed theatrical fragments, the maître will collect your orders and deliver them to the kitchen.

Now your dishes can play on the stage… and the stage is your table!

Actors will particularly play for who selected that dish and his tablemates. The menu contains futuristic opera and comedy, parodies and jazz songs, art nuveau and original tales written for the moment.

Everything served with top-quality ingredients.



Cinematographic art will be the central theme of each funny activity during your dinners!

An activity full of fun, perfectly adaptable to dinner timings.

Players, grouped in opposite teams, will battle using their film knowledge, both answering quizzes and reciting some famous scenes. They have to show their knowing of soundtracks or conversations of famous films to win the “best team” Academy Award.

Challenge is now open. May the best team win!



The best way to combine a mini class on wines, given by a sommelier, with oenology-related games.

What makes the difference is, often, the detail, a deeper knowledge of the others.

Playing with Taste&Play, by the act of tasting, you enter the new and the different to find new identities trough listening.

Your team will be driven to re-discover the senses of taste and smell to put yourself on the line and to challenge your teammates.