We always believed in Individuals and in human feelings as absolute virtues, by this way we want to contribute with our social-activities to the needy.

In Italy, as in the whole world, many structures and associations need charity.

Driven by our personal life experiences and by some “special moments” we are enthusiastic to diffuse, with our expertise, two main projects:

  • With our hearts smiling, we support the social project called Dynamo Camp, confidents to give joy and hope to all sick children and their families’ guests at Dynamo. But we don’t stop! Our collaboration with Dynamo extends to the development of team building projects for Companies aimed to help sustaining Dynamo itself.
  • Win the game by support the Associazione Vinciamo il Gioco, all days frontline to help and sustain pathological gamblers.


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Dynamo Camp

Dynamo camp is a recreational therapy camp, which freely hosts for vacation periods, ill children, between 6 and 17, during active therapies or after hospitalization. Dynamo Academy is a social Company born in 2010 that economically supports Dynamo Camp.

Vinciamo il gioco

An association everyday frontline to help and support with the help of psychological therapists, psychologists and layers pathological gamblers and their families’, who lives the tragedy behind compulsive bet.