TEAMBUILDING EXPERIENCE support the project Vinciamo il Gioco, an association everyday frontline to help and support with the help of psychological therapists, psychologists and layers pathological gamblers and their families’, who lives the tragedy behind compulsive bet.


Values and mission 

The association Vinciamo il Gioco doesn’t oppose to bet itself, but aims to highlight the social danger behind clarifying the pathological aspects connected, to not judge gamblers but helping triggering the awareness of addiction.

It is of fundamental important that who, directly or indirectly, is swallowed in the vortex of this pathology can exit before reaching the point of no return.

A path that brings to cry out “we won the game!” is offered to gamblers and families.

The association is based on this value.


Fields of intervention and mission

The project is constantly present and detailed on the territory, organized to cover different areas:

  • Information and awareness of pathological condition
  • Prevention
  • Directing to specialized psychotherapists
  • Directing to specialized lawyers
  • Families’ education

Families’ education about appropriate behaviours as:

  • Dissuade betting when motivated by the illusion of easy wins and the promise of a life-style change, often due to misrepresented advertising.
  • Making people aware about the risks related to compulsive betting and the involution into a pathological situation.
  • Prevention interventions in schools, focusing on peer education, directed to teens.
  • Help pathological gamblers to protect family, patrimony and job, personal and social self-respect.
  • Build territorial networks of specialized psychotherapists, which hold multidisciplinary classes, suggested by the association.
  • Build territorial networks of specialized lawyers, to give first indicative information to correctly manage related contingencies.
  • Turn on a toll-free-number, as a first connection to help and direct to local specialist;
  • Collaborate, by specific protocols, with public and private social services to integrate helpful activities.

1. Regarding therapies and legal interventions, the first orientation meetings are free.
2. “Vinciamo il Gioco” doesn’t receive transfers from specialists.


Associazione Vinciamo il Gioco
c/o ACOF – via Varzi, 16 Busto Arsizio
Free-toll-number 800 135 903