Team Building





C.S.I. – Crime scene

Full Day
CSI is interrogation of suspects, passing some problem solving, analyzing data and fingerprints, target shooting, self-defense and much more.

Einstein Unsolved

30 Day, 45 min
Will you be able to find out who killed Albert Einstein?! There are 9 possible reasons but only one is the right one and you’ll only have one attempt!

Manor House Murder

120 min
With your investigative team, you have been called to solve the murder of Laura Norder, which took place in a mysterious house. There are 6 suspects!

Murder Dinner

120 min
Working on teams, you must discover the culprit of a murder by interrogating suspects, identifying evidence, collaborating with allies and examining clues.

Murder on the Slopes

120 min
A terrible avalanche, a body buried under the snow but… nothing is as it seems. This person was killed! Who is the killer?

Murder on the Train

120 min
On a train from the 1920s Maximus Power is found dead. Listen to the passengers and explore the carriages to analyze the evidence and find out who the killer is!

Spy School in the Field

120 min, 150 min
Do you have the talent to solve a case like this? Complete the tests and you’ll get clues that will help you identify the culprit among 12 suspects.

Spy School Training

105 min
Do you feel more like James Bond or Austin Powers? Test yourself with the secret agent course! You will face 2 challenges: train yourself as a secret agent and pass your first mission.

Thrilling Day

120 min, 150 min
An itinerant murder where the investigative teams will have to reach the suspects in different locations to interrogate them.
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