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Action Painting

150 min
Immersed with “hands in colour” the participants will have the aim of creating a real work of art using a canvas.

Assault Reporters

180 min, Half Day
Each team will have the task of creating a corporate newscast. Each newsroom will have to organize itself by defining the roles and journalistic style.

Car Race

150 min
You will be involved in the design and creation of a creative machine which will then have to compete on the track with those of the other teams.

Pasta Building

120 min, 90 min
The single spaghetti contributes to the construction of a tower, a bridge or a house strong> thanks to the union and integration with others.

Play Lego

150 min, 90 min
Play Lego allows all participants to experiment with a creative activity and fun using the famous colored bricks.

Radio Team Building

Full Day, Half Day
Insieme al tuo team dovrai realizzare un programma radiofonico dove verrà registrata una puntata pilota. 3,2,1… siete in onda!

Soap Opera

180 min, Half Day
Imagine interpreting a melodramatic dialogue in perfect Beautiful style. You will have to make a corporate soap opera.

Tips for shopping

180 min, Half Day
Each team will be tasked with creating a corporate commercial. Commercials can deal with company products/services or something totally invented.
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