Team Building





The Daily Kick-Off

30 Day
What better way to start the day than with our motivational activity to engage your team? Daily activities are set to be released to participants’ mobile phones every morning for up to one month.

The Last Secret

120 min, 150 min
Will you be able to find out the secret that Albert Einstein left us?! The goal is to find and open the chest that hides the secret of the greatest genius of all time

The Marco Polo Mystery

120 min, 90 min
The fabulous Marcovian goblet has been stolen! A group of bandits stole it while Marco Polo was returning to Venice on the Silk Road. Its whereabouts have remained a mystery for centuries… the world is waiting to find out where it is!

The Pegasus Project

90 min
Reveal to the whole world the secret plans of “Project Pegasus” and at the same time find out what happened to agent Spike and 3 doctors.

The Rock

150 min
The operational objective is to climb a cliff and create a banner with the team’s claim to be hoisted and unrolled at the top of the wall.

The Secret of Atlantis

120 min, 90 min
Eisler returned from an expedition that was declared a disaster. She was supposed to reveal a shocking discovery, but she was kidnapped. What announcement was he planning to make?

The Voice

120 min
Involve the participants in creating a song that presents a text adapted from an existing song or written ad hoc for the occasion.

Thrilling Day

120 min, 150 min
An itinerant murder where the investigative teams will have to reach the suspects in different locations to interrogate them.

Tips for shopping

180 min, Half Day
Each team will be tasked with creating a corporate commercial. Commercials can deal with company products/services or something totally invented.


60 min, 90 min
Vintage riscalda i cuori e accende i ricordi d’infanzia di tutti i partecipanti in quanto è un vero e proprio viaggio nel tempo tra gli anni ’70 e ’90.

Wine Tasting

120 min, 90 min
Wine Tasting combines a mini course on wine tasting with games related to oenology. It can be done instead of an aperitif or during dinner.
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