Team Building





Assault Reporters

180 min, Half Day
Each team will have the task of creating a corporate newscast. Each newsroom will have to organize itself by defining the roles and journalistic style.

Chain Reaction

120 min, 180 min
The teams involved will compete in the design and construction of a path made with materials of various kinds and shapes.


Half Day
A journey into the world of the circus in search of the inner child through juggling, clowning, balancing and acrobatics.

Climbing route

120 min, 150 min
In an evocative and exciting environment, the participants will have to travel a railed mountain route linked together by a rope.

Connecting People

Full Day, Half Day
Different problem solving, interactive and dynamic games coming from outdoor training will be presented in an atmosphere of maximum fun.

Laser Tag

120 min, 180 min
It is an activity based on the simulation of a game deriving from the military world suitably converted into team building.


120 min, 150 min
The aim is to reach in time the end of the route passing through several intermediate stages using a compass, a walkie talkie and a roadmap.

Soap Opera

180 min, Half Day
Imagine interpreting a melodramatic dialogue in perfect Beautiful style. You will have to make a corporate soap opera.


150 min
Survival Academy is a concentration of exciting and adrenaline-pumping activities that require participants inventiveness, physical skills and ingenuity.

Team Sailing

150 min, 180 min
Life on the boat is a perfect metaphor for group life in the company. It is essential to divide the tasks and define the individual roles.

The Rock

150 min
The operational objective is to climb a cliff and create a banner with the team’s claim to be hoisted and unrolled at the top of the wall.

Tips for shopping

180 min, Half Day
Each team will be tasked with creating a corporate commercial. Commercials can deal with company products/services or something totally invented.
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