On this page you can find videos relating to some of our team building activities that can be managed remotely, face-to-face or in hybrid mode.



The aim is to reach the end of the route in a given time, passing through various intermediate stages.

All teams start from the same point, but with different routes.

Whoever reaches the final stage first wins!

The teams will move with the help of a compass, indications expressed in coordinates and meters, and a walkie talkie and must face blind passages and decrypt messages.

In addition, each team will receive specific roles to be assigned internally to each participant.


The teams must make the best cardboard boat to be launched to compete in an unforgettable and very entertaining regatta.

The watchword of this activity is “seeing beyond one’s limits”.

There are no instructions and you have to buy the material at the “market.”

The budget provided is small.

Team work, communication and planning will be just some of the “weapons” useful for success.

The winning team will have obtained the highest score deriving from the sum of points for: team work, optimization of resources, creativity and time in the race.


The operational objective is to climb a cliff and create a banner with the team’s claim to be hoisted and unrolled at the top of the wall.

The symbolic and metaphorical goal is to accompany the participants in a one-of-a-kind experience that helps them overcome their limits.

Participants will be asked to assign the different roles (safety, climbing, claim) with the aim of making the most of internal resources.

Each member of the team must find the inner strength to overcome his/her own limits by relying on the group’s energy and strength.


Connecting People leverages over 60 years of experience in experiential team building methodologies.

It reduces psychological distances, facilitates communication and listening, relationships and teamwork.

Different problem solving, interactive and dynamic games coming from outdoor training will be presented.

Without ever neglecting fun and engagement, the teams will compete in tests that will allow them to experience different situations and group dynamics.



The purpose of the Escape Room is to reveal the secret plans of “Project Pegasus” to the whole world and at the same time find out what happened to agent Spike and 3 doctors.

You will have 60 minutes.

You will be able to discover the terrible secret plan only if you pass all the puzzles, decrypted messages and videos, quizzes with the use of Google Street View technology that will take you directly inside the Spider Technologies headquarters.


Midway through an Arctic expedition, unfortunately, your team is separated from the guide.

With an approaching storm, you find yourself increasingly disoriented, unsure of your direction and also losing track of time.

When all seems lost, you come across a shelter… maybe you can save yourself!

Crack the code to open the generator cabinet, find the correct radio frequency to call for help, and finally pinpoint your location to send to the rescue team before time runs out!


You’ve been locked in an office during an art robbery!

You will hardly be able to demonstrate your non-involvement in the facts when the police arrive, since you are at the site of the theft.

Complete all 3 levels and escape the room within an hour… before it’s too late.

Escape will only be possible if you pass all the riddles, puzzles, decrypted messages and quizzes with the use of Augmented Reality as well.

Hurry… police sirens can already be heard in the distance!



Armed with tablets (or smartphones) and our App, participants in the City Explorer must reach various points located throughout the city center and conduct various tests.

If they are addressed correctly, the App assigns a score to the team.

The team that achieves the highest score within the maximum time wins!

Teams must travel to the hotspots to unlock the trials.

It is possible to climb the ranking only if you overcome numerous riddles, puzzles, quizzes, photographic and video challenges… with the use, in some cases, even of Augmented Reality.


Your city has been breached by an unknown group of hackers, causing Blackout!

Unbeknownst to the population, your city is already running on emergency power.

You have only 2 hours (adjustable) to stop the hackers, restore power and avert the greatest catastrophe in modern history.

Find the secret emergency generator and restart it to restore power to your city!

Good luck! Over and out…


Can you save the world by stopping Spider Technology’s plan?!

The goal is to prevent the virus from spreading by finding the antivirus and server room in time to prevent the electronic signal from spreading.

You will be able to tackle this feat with your team only if you overcome all the puzzles together, the “top secret” documents hidden by Dr. Bergmann, decrypted videos and quizzes with the use, in some cases, of Augmented Reality.

The team that solves all the puzzles, stops the spread of the virus and exposes the secret plan of the Spider Technology wins!


Do you still believe in fairy tales? 

It is good for you because Magic Portal will take you into a magical world that will overwhelm you and, in the end, nothing will be the same again!

The goal is to find all the magic crystals, close the magic portal and save the world!

You will be able to tackle this challenge with your team only if together you pass all the puzzles, decrypted messages and videos, and quizzes with the use, in some cases, of Augmented Reality.


Will you be able to find out the secret that Albert Einstein left us?!

The goal is to find and open the chest that hides the secret of the greatest genius of all time, which, until now, no one has been able to find

To make sure no one could find him, Einstein planted many clues in different parts of the city by unlocking the app’s compass.

You will be able to tackle this challenge with your team only if you pass all the puzzlesquizzesdecryptions with the use, in some cases, of Augmented Reality.



Working on teams, you must discover the culprit of a murder by interrogating suspects, identifying evidence, collaborating with allies and examining clues

The activity is an excellent opportunity for the team to experience the importance of problem solving outside their comfort zone.

The activity is designed to be conducted indoors or outdoors.

In both cases, an itinerant path is foreseen for the investigative teams made in stages where our actors will be.

Special features: CRIME ROOM, DEPOSITIONS and WILL.


In this story set in the 1920s, a train is crossing Europe from Paris to Constantinople, stopping at stations in Vienna, Budapest and Belgrade.

During the night, while the train travels between Budapest and Belgrade, tragedy occurs: the body of Maximus Power is found dead in one of the carriages.

Listen to passenger information and explore the train carriages to analyze the evidence and find out who is guilty of the murder before the train reaches its final destination!


With your investigative team, you have been called to solve the murder of Laura Norder, which took place in a mysterious house.

There are 6 suspects!

You must collect all the clues, eliminate the various suspects one by one, identifying the weapon, the motive and the culprit of this intricate crime before time runs out.


It is clear that if you are attracted to this activity, it means that you are very curious and prone to problem solvingBut do you have the talent to solve a case like this?

With your team, you must reach a series of outdoor hotspots to block thematic tests: cryptic messagesmissionssecret codes and much more.

Complete some tests to earn clues that will help you identify the culprit among 12 suspects.

Bonus trials will allow you to earn many points.



With their hands immersed in color, the participants will aim to create a real work of art.

Each team will create a canvas that represents the way they feel and perceive the company, its values and the strength of the  group.

The blank canvas as a metaphor for the “place” to project, share and negotiate ideas, sensations, individual and team feelings.

An activity dedicated to communication, sharing, fun and  color!



Vintage warms hearts and ignites all participants’ childhood memories as it is a real journey through time.

You will relive the emotions of the Beatles songs or travel through time with the legendary DeLorean from Back to the Future.

Or you will play Arthur Fonzarelli for a moment in Happy Days… “Hey!

Face as many quiz, video and photo tests as possible and achieve the highest score before time runs out.


Team Quiz connects colleagues by engaging them in collaborative and fun challenges.

The game’s purpose is simple! Face as many trials as possible and achieve the highest score before time runs out.

Working divided into teams, you must decide the best answer for each question with your colleagues, thus obtaining the maximum points.

Watch out for the bonus trials, they are worth a lot of points!


Are you ready to travel to the magical world of Christmas?

Christmas Time is the most requested activity to celebrate Christmas and the end of the year with your colleagues.

The game’s scope is simple!

Face as many Christmas-themed trials as possible and earn the highest score before time runs out.

Working in teams, you and your colleagues must answer questions, take Christmas-themed photos and shoot fun videos to climb the leaderboard.



Each team’s aim is to inaugurate their own restaurant.

For the occasion, guests who flocked to the opening evening should be offered their own menu.

The teams will be evaluated based on creativityteam work, optimization of resources and the tastiness of the dishes.

The sum of the scores associated with these criteria will determine each team’s final score.

The team with the highest score wins!

We offer 3 types of formats: CLASSIC, FINGER FOOD and PASTA FOREVER.



Each team will have the task of creating a corporate newscast.

The topics to be covered will be personalized to internal communication, the future vision and the group’s ethics.

Furthermore, everyone will be involved in the construction and representation of the services to be broadcast during the TG.

Each newsroom must organize itself by defining the roles and journalistic style.

Through guided tours, in a fun and engaging way, the teams will develop various original ideas, focusing on creativity, initiative and spontaneity.

The best ideas will be staged or filmed.


Each team will be tasked with creating a corporate commercial.

Commercials can deal with company products/services or something totally invented to further increase the creative aspect.

Creativity is therefore a fundamental pillar of this team building.

Through guided tours, the teams will develop different original ideas, initiative and spontaneity in a fun and engaging way.

The best ideas will be staged or filmed.


Radio Team Building creates an experience that makes creativity an architrave on which to build and develop the group in its dynamics.

Through guided tours, in a fun and engaging way, the participants will create a large quantity of original and unusual ideas, focusing on creativity, initiative and spontaneity.

This will make it possible to create together a real radio program of which the participants will record a pilot episode.

Each team will receive an audio file at the end of the activity.

You can choose between 3 types of formats: CLASSIC, SPOT and RADIO DRAMA.


The body is the part of us that we know least, but at the same time the part with which we can best communicate with others.

The “red nose” laboratory serves to remove the masks that we have every day to wear the authentic and true one of our clown (the inner child).

Performing circus exercises requires concentration and effort.

Learning from people with little experience in the field requires great flexibility, getting involved and getting out of one’s comfort zone.

Participants will experience the following activities: JUGGLING, CLOWNERY,  BALANCING,  ACROBATIC (ground and aerial).



In an atmosphere of absolute fun and involvement, the participants will be challenged to get out of the routine and immerse themselves in a culture and a unique and original means of expression.

Gospel Choir brings to life the exciting atmosphere of a Gospel choir.

Different choirs will be formed based on the number of participants.

You will become familiar with the elements of Gospel music: rhythmenergymovementhand clapping… learning some “legendary” pieces.

In the finale, the groups will perform first individually and then all together singing We are family.


Sound Building (or Drum Circle) is an engaging rhythmic team building in which a group of people get together to play drums and percussion  instruments, experimenting and expanding the sense of uniqueness and unity through the support of the conductor who, through simple techniques, makes it easy and immediate for everyone to hit the beat.

The activity’s culmination is creation of a real orchestra.

It will emerge as only in a group whose rhythms and potential resonate when coordinated, giving life to great results while always maintaining a strong spirit of fun.


Boomwhackers are colored plastic tubes with different sizes and musical notes.

When you hit them, they go “BOOM!”

They are ideal for quickly creating team spirit through a melodic symphony at congresses, meetings and business dinners.

Playing together spontaneously creates an exciting atmosphere, ideal for getting closer to each other with joy and simplicity, thus favoring mutual listening and communication.

Rhythm, voice and body percussion for 10-30 minutes to revitalize and dynamize the environment in a fun way!

Excellent ice-breaking activity for moments.



Ready for your first trip around the world? Then prepare your passport!

Take your team across 22 countries, tackling numerous quizzes, video and photo trials to earn the maximum score before time runs out.

Upon arrival in each country, you will unlock the stage via image recognition (IR).

Can you solve the cryptic clues to earn a free ticket for the next trip?

Will you be able to perform a Māori Haka in New Zealand or demonstrate your Kung-Fu skills in China? Don’t worry, you can always relax with yoga in India.


Level Up plans to conduct a series of quizzes, videos and photographs or trying to earn the maximum score in the set time.

You must go through a series of levels with your team. Leveling up increases the difficulty, but don’t be discouraged because the more difficult it is, the higher the score awarded.

If you get to the top before the time runs out, very challenging bonus trials await you that award extra points.

What are you waiting for? Connect with your team and… you level up together!


Pronto per affrontare la dura “Accademia degli Eroi”?
Allora indossa il mantello e preparati a mostrare il tuo cuore impavido!

Lo scopo è semplice! Affronta insieme al tuo team le numerose prove che l’Accademia ti sottopone per riuscire ad ottenere il titolo di “eroe”.

Affronta il maggior numero possibile di prove e realizza il punteggio più alto prima che scada il tempo.

Durante il tuo addestramento affronterai delle “prove bonus” che ti permetteranno di mostrare i tuoi talenti ottenendo così punteggi elevati.

Cosa aspetti? Entra anche tu a far parte del team di eroi!


What better way to start the day than with our motivational activity to engage your team?

Daily activities are set to be released to participants’ mobile phones every morning for up to one month.

The challenges’ optimistic and creative approach pushes the participants to take motivational photos and videos directly from home so as to improve their morale during the months of isolation.

Every day a challenge, every day a fun moment… the team that scores the most points wins!


Virtual Away Day connette i colleghi ingaggiandoli in sfide collaborative e divertenti.

Lo scopo dell’attività è quello di affrontare il maggior numero possibile di prove realizzando il punteggio più alto prima dello scadere del tempo.

Lavorando divisi in team remoti, insieme ai tuoi colleghi dovrai deciderai la risposta migliore a ciascuna domanda per ottenere il massimo dei punti.

Le prove che dovrai affrontare saranno di vario tipo e ti chiederanno di mettere in campo tutte le abilità che hai a disposizione!

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