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Gospel Choir

180 min
Gospel Choir brings to life the exciting atmosphere of a real Gospel choir. Are you ready to unleash an energy never seen before?

Laser Tag

120 min, 180 min
It is an activity based on the simulation of a game deriving from the military world suitably converted into team building.


120 min, 150 min
The aim is to reach in time the end of the route passing through several intermediate stages using a compass, a walkie talkie and a roadmap.

Pasta Building

120 min, 90 min
The single spaghetti contributes to the construction of a tower, a bridge or a house strong> thanks to the union and integration with others.

Radio Team Building

Full Day, Half Day
Insieme al tuo team dovrai realizzare un programma radiofonico dove verrà registrata una puntata pilota. 3,2,1… siete in onda!


150 min
Survival Academy is a concentration of exciting and adrenaline-pumping activities that require participants inventiveness, physical skills and ingenuity.

The Marco Polo Mystery

120 min, 90 min
The fabulous Marcovian goblet has been stolen! A group of bandits stole it while Marco Polo was returning to Venice on the Silk Road. Its whereabouts have remained a mystery for centuries… the world is waiting to find out where it is!

The Secret of Atlantis

120 min, 90 min
Eisler returned from an expedition that was declared a disaster. She was supposed to reveal a shocking discovery, but she was kidnapped. What announcement was he planning to make?

The Voice

120 min
Involve the participants in creating a song that presents a text adapted from an existing song or written ad hoc for the occasion.
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