Team Building





Beat the Screen

60 min, 90 min
10 levels of fun interactive challenges. As the stakes go up, so do the points! Will your team adopt the winning strategy?


120 min, 150 min
Can you save the world by stopping the Spider Technology?! The goal is to prevent the spread of a technological virus in time.

Christmas Time

45 min, 90 min
Christmas Time is the most requested activity to celebrate Christmas together with your colleagues… obviously all seasoned with a Christmas theme!

City Explorer

150 min, 180 min
Armed with tablets (or smartphones) and our App, participants in the City Explorer must reach various points located throughout the city center and conduct various tests.

Einstein Unsolved

30 Day, 45 min
Will you be able to find out who killed Albert Einstein?! There are 9 possible reasons but only one is the right one and you’ll only have one attempt!

Magic Portal

120 min, 150 min
Do you still believe in fairy tales? It is good for you because Magic Portal will take you into a magical world that will overwhelm you and, in the end, nothing will be the same again!

Operation Mindfall

120 min, 150 min
Can you save the world by stopping Spider Technology’s plan?! The goal is to prevent the virus from spreading by finding the antivirus

Spy School in the Field

120 min, 150 min
Do you have the talent to solve a case like this? Complete the tests and you’ll get clues that will help you identify the culprit among 12 suspects.

The Last Secret

120 min, 150 min
Will you be able to find out the secret that Albert Einstein left us?! The goal is to find and open the chest that hides the secret of the greatest genius of all time

The Marco Polo Mystery

120 min, 90 min
The fabulous Marcovian goblet has been stolen! A group of bandits stole it while Marco Polo was returning to Venice on the Silk Road. Its whereabouts have remained a mystery for centuries… the world is waiting to find out where it is!

The Secret of Atlantis

120 min, 90 min
Eisler returned from an expedition that was declared a disaster. She was supposed to reveal a shocking discovery, but she was kidnapped. What announcement was he planning to make?
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